About the International Student Center

Being a university based in the international city of Yokohama, Yokohama National University (YNU) has hosted many international students (who account for a large percentage of all its students) since the early post-war days. The International Student Center (Ryugakusei Center) was established in 1992 to help YNU maintain its traditional enthusiasm for educational internationalization and provide support to international students living, learning, and studying in a different culture.

The Center's Japanese name was changed to Kokusai Kyoiku Center (the International Education Center) in 2014. Besides acting as the headquarters for the Junior Year Overseas at Yokohama National University (JOY) Program, Preliminary Japanese Language Training, the Japan-Korea Joint Science and Engineering Student Exchange Program, Inter-Faculty Supplementary Japanese Language Courses, the YCCS (YOKOHAMA Creative-City Studies) Program, the Japanese Language and Culture Program, and the YNU Japanese Language & Culture Program, the Center provides international students in all colleges/schools of YNU with Japanese language education and student life support and guidance.

The purpose of the Center is to support YNU's acceptance of international students from many different cultural backgrounds, provide opportunities for international students and Japanese students to have cross-cultural interactions, and act as a center for efforts to promote the overall internationalization of university education.