International Student Center 105 held “Astage Camp Spring 2016.”

On May 28 and 29, 2016, YNU International Student Center 105 held a camp at Yokohama City Nojima Youth Training Centre to encourage exchange between international students and Japanese students. The 105 “Astage Camp” started in 2004, and a total of 70 people, including 31 international students, participated in this 17th camp.

For almost four months 105 student staff worked hard preparing for the Camp. They were worried about rain, but fortunately they could start the camp under a spring blue sky. On the first day, the Camp began with an ice-breaking activity using a lot of balloons and then some games in groups. These group works helped students relax and get to know each other. After curry and rice dinner, they made a campfire. Several families visiting the centre joined the fire, and all of them enjoyed dancing together in a big circle. On the second day, the students enjoyed some outdoor activities such as jumping rope, dodge ball and“Daruma-san ga koronda” (Bodhidharma fell down; a children’s game similar to “Statues” or “Red Light Green Light.”) Many laughed a lot and looked having fun and feeling like a child again.

The International Student Center 105 has been holding such exchange camp twice a year in spring and autumn. We understand that some students hesitate to join such event with one night stay, but we see that many students get along and understand each other better during two days. Actually some students decided to work as 105 staff after their experiences in the Camp. It is our pleasure to see many students jump in the Astage Camp and find something; friends and more.

A student from Brazil said,

“The Camp was so much fun. I had a very good sweat. I could get to know many students and enjoyed a variety of activities with them. The most joyful part was the campfire. I didn’t want to put out the fire…! Honestly I was not good at the trading game probably because I had some trouble in Japanese conversation. I appreciate 105 staff so much. Please let me know if I can help in the coming events!”

A student from Korea said,

“I participated in the Astage Camp to make friends. I felt really good when we walked to the Nojima Centre. We saw the beautiful sea and sky. The Centre was clean and comfortable. I thought the ice-breaking game became a great help to get to know each other. I enjoyed the trading game so much and curry and salad dinner too. It was nice to dance and talk with other students at the campfire and party. The second day was a bit tiring doing jumping rope and more, but it reminded me of my high school days and it was fun. I think 105 staff worked very hard for the Camp. Thank you, and I’ll see you in the next Camp!”

A student from Russia said,

“I really appreciate both 105 staff and participants. I must say I’m not good at making new friends, but this camp helped me a lot with talking with other participants and getting to know each other. The staff successfully made a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. It’s been a long time since I had a camp when I was an elementary school child. I felt like returning to my childhood. Thank you for giving me a chance to truly enjoy the camp.”

A Japanese student (College of Education and Human Sciences) said,

“This was my first Astage Camp. I was uneasy about whether or not my English would be understood, but I could enjoy communicating with other participants because most of them were easy to talk to. I got motivation from international students who worked so hard to learn Japanese. They carefully tried to listen to what I was saying. I felt so happy that I could make myself understood in English, and such experiences motivated me to improve my English.
I was glad to make friends through a lot of recreation games. I wished I could talk more and get to know them more. I think there are not many opportunities to talk to international students just by coming to class. This camp was a great chance for me. Best of all, I had so much fun! I would like to join the next camp again. Thank you so much!”

A member of 105 staff (Camp Chief) said,

“I appreciate that we had a lot of participants. One night and two days might have been too short, but I am sure we could enjoy various activities including campfire and sports together. It was the first time that I took part in the Astage Camp as a chief. I was worried about whether I could play this important role successfully, as I am an international student. However, a lot of people gave me a help, and preparations and the camp itself went very well. I could learn a lot from this wonderful experience. Thank you all!”

A member of 105 staff (College of Business Administration) said,

“We had 70 participants in this Camp! For two days we had a lot of fun together as if we had gone back to being a kid. The theme of the Camp was “Astage, a stage of beginning friendship.” I’ll be so honored if this camp served many participants as a starting point for friendship. Thank you so much.”

A member of 105 staff (Recreation section chief/College of Business Administration) said,

“It was my fourth camp as a staff member. This time, it was operated mainly by sophomores, and I myself didn’t have many tasks. So I could enjoy the camp like other general public participants. I think Astage Camp has been gradually developed and advanced more for these years. This year, it was more than a success; all the activities were excellent and helped participants deepen mutual bonds. Now it’s time to leave 105 as a staff member, but I would like to come back in the next Camp and see how it develops!“

Lastly we would like to thank all the support and help for the 105 Astage Camp. YNU International Student Center 105 provides international students with opportunities to freely talk to and ask the student staff about such matters as campus life. The 105 staff are waiting for you on the second floor of ISC every weekday from 11:30 to 14:30 (except long-term holidays.) They are looking forward to seeing you there and also at coming events. You will find the 105’s latest information at their website:
ISC 105 website website
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