JOY Program

About the JOY Program

The Junior Year Overseas Program at Yokohama National University (called "JOY" for short) is a unique short-term exchange program for undergraduate students interested in studying for between six months and a year at one of Japan's prestigious national universities. In the past, most foreign students have found it difficult to take part in year-long programs at Japanese universities because of the language skills needed to attend regular classes. The JOY Program was created to solve that problem by offering a broad-based curriculum of courses taught in English for students who wish to learn more about the many faces of Japan--its society, culture, business, environment, and advances in science and technology, among others--while working on their Japanese language skills if they want to. JOY thus welcomes a wide spectrum of students, from those who have never taken Japanese but want to learn more about what Japan has to offer, to those who wish to hone their Japanese while pursuing advanced studies in their specialty.

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